A Communion of Subjects: Animals in Religion, Science, and Ethics By Paul Waldau, Kimberley Patton
2006 | 720 Pages | ISBN: 0231136420 | PDF | 10 MB

“This substantial contribution opens up a broad field and will clearly be inspiration to further work on animals and religion. It is very much welcome.” — Ingvild Sælid Gilhus, Journal of the American Academy of Religion

” A Communion of Subjects delivers a wealth of resources for stirring the conscience and stoking the imagination.” — Matthew Halteman, Christian Century

“This groundbreaking volume contains an impressive number of useful and thought-provoking articles organized in an accessible and helpful manner. It will serve as a terrific teaching tool in introductory and cross-disciplinary courses. The editors, who are themselves leading figures in the field, have skillfully blended the essays such that all of the major discourses (religion, science, art, law, ethics, environmentalism) surrounding “the animal question” are addressed. This is a volume that I and several other instructors will find immensely valuable.” — Matthew Calarco, chair and assistant professor of philosophy, Sweet Briar College, Virginia, and editor of Animal Philosophy


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