Robert Sedgewick, “Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms” 
2003 | pages: 528 | ISBN: 0201361213 | CHM | 4,2 mb


Algorithms in Java, Third Edition, Part 5: Graph Algorithms, contains six chapters that cover graph properties and types, graph search, directed graphs, minimal spanning trees, shortest paths, and networks. The descriptions here are intended to give students an understanding of the basic properties of as broad a range of fundamental graph algorithms as possible. In the third edition, many new algorithms are presented, and the explanations of each algorithm are much more detailed than in previous editions. Unlike any other book on algorithms, not only will students get practical information on using algorithms in their work, they can also be assured that these algorithms rest on the most solid scientific foundations. And a new emphasis on abstract data types throughout the books makes the programs more broadly useful and relevant in modern object-oriented programming environments. This book is useful as a text early in the computer science curriculum, after students have acquired basic programming skills and familiarity with computer systems, but before they have taken specialized courses in advanced areas of computer science or computer applications.There is sufficient coverage of basic material for the book to be used to teach data structures to beginners, and there is sufficient detail and coverage of advanced material for the book to be used to teach the design and analysis of algorithms to upper-level students. Some instructors may wish to emphasize implementations and practical concerns; others may wish to emphasize analysis and theoretical concepts. For a more comprehensive course, this book is also available in a special bundle with Parts 1-4 (ISBN for bundle of Parts 1-4 and Part 5 is 0201775786); thereby instructors can cover fundamentals, data structures, sorting, searching, and graph algorithms in one consistent style.


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