Louis Patry, Michel Rossignol, Marie-Jeanne Costa, Martine Baillargeon – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Published: 1998-11-01 | ISBN: 2921146703 | PDF | 48 pages | 4 MB


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The signs and symptoms of sensory and motor disorders of the hand in the median nerve field were first reported by Paget in 1854 in a patient having suffered a fracture of the wrist. The following terms were initially used to describe the observed problems: tardive paralysis of the median nerve, partial atrophy of the thenar eminence, and median neuritis. However, it was not until the work of Brain et al. in 1947 and of Phalen et al. in 1950 that the term carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) was applied to these disorders.


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