Sean Dineen, “Complex Analysis on Infinite Dimensional Spaces”
English | 1999-07-30 | ISBN: 1852331585 | 550 pages | DJVU | 3,6 mb


This book considers basic questions connected with, and arising from, the locally convex space structures that may be placed on the space of holomorphic functions over a locally convex space. The first three chapters introduce the basic properties of polynomials and holomorphic functions over locally convex spaces. 

These are followed by two chapters concentrating on relationships between the compact open topology, the ported or Nachbin topology and the topology generated by the countable open covers. The concluding chapter examines the interplay between the various concepts introduced earlier as being intrinsic to infinite dimensional holomorphy. The comprehensive notes, historical background, exercises, appendix and bibliography make this book an invaluable reference whilst the presentation and synthesis of ideas from different areas will appeal to mathematicians from many different backgrounds.


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