Swapan Kumar Ghosh, Pratim Kumar Chattaraj, “Concepts and Methods in Modern Theoretical Chemistry: Statistical Mechanics” 
2013 | ISBN-10: 1466506202 | 350 pages | PDF | 17,9 MB


Concepts and Methods in Modern Theoretical Chemistry: Statistical Mechanics, the second book in a two-volume set, focuses on the dynamics of systems and phenomena. A new addition to the series Atoms, Molecules, and Clusters, this book offers chapters written by experts in their fields. It enables readers to learn how concepts from ab initio quantum chemistry and density functional theory (DFT) can be used to describe, understand, and predict chemical dynamics.

This book covers a wide range of subjects, including discussions on the following topics:

Time-dependent DFT
Quantum fluid dynamics (QFD)
Photodynamic control, nonlinear dynamics, and quantum hydrodynamics 
Molecules in a laser field, charge carrier mobility, and excitation energy transfer 
Mechanisms of chemical reactions
Nucleation, quantum Brownian motion, and the third law of thermodynamics 
Transport properties of binary mixtures

Although most of the chapters are written at a level that is accessible to a senior graduate student, experienced researchers will also find interesting new insights in these experts’ perspectives. This book provides an invaluable resource toward understanding the whole gamut of atoms, molecules, and clusters.


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