Kevin E. Murphy, Mark Higgins, “Concepts in Federal Taxation 2012”
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0538479582 | 933 pages | PDF | 8.9 MB


Murphy and Higgins’ CONCEPTS IN FEDERAL TAXATION 2012 offers students a better way to learn tax through a conceptual approach. Instead of memorizing the complex and often intimidating tax codes, regulations, exceptions, and qualifications, this approach presents taxation as a small number of unifying concepts. Once students understand these concepts, they can apply them to a wide range of tax rules and to basic aspects of everyday economic life. This straightforward approach balances tax concepts with the Internal Revenue Code to prepare students for immediate success on CPA exam tax simulations and in their careers. Extensive examples relate tax concepts to familiar business scenarios using an engaging discussion and answer format. In addition, Murphy and Higgins’ CONCEPTS IN FEDERAL TAXATION 2012 promises more exercises than any other text of its kind for the practice students need. Each new copy of this text is packaged with H&R Block At Homeā„¢ software to provide your students with additional professional experience!


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