Credit Derivatives and Structured Credit Trading By Vinod Kothari
2009 | 489 Pages | ISBN: 0470822929 | PDF | 6 MB

Credit derivatives as a financial tool has been growing exponentially from almost nothing more than seven years ago to approximately US$5 trillion deals completed by end of 2005. This indicates the growing importance of credit derivatives in the financial sector and how widely it is being used these days by banks globally. It is also being increasingly used as a device of synthetic securitisation. This significant market trend underscores the need for a book of such a nature. Kothari, an undisputed expert in credit derivatives, explains the subject matter using easy–to–understand terms, presents it in a logical structure, demystifies the technical jargons and blends them into a cohesive whole. 
This revised book will also include the following: – New credit derivative definitions – New features of the synthetic CDO market – Case studies of leading transactions of synethetic securitisations – Basle II rules – The Consultative Paper 3 has significantly revised the rules, particularly on synthetic CDOs – Additional inputs on legal issues – New clarifications on accounting for credit derivatives/credit linked notes

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