Destructive Myths in Family Therapy: How to Overcome Barriers to Communication by Seeing and Saying — A Humanistic Perspective by Daniela Kramer-Moore, Michael Moore
2012 | ISBN: 047066701X, 0470667001 | English | 216 Pages | PDF | 3.20 MB


Exposes destructive patterns of communication within family cultures and provides strategies for promoting more open dialogue among family members. 

Equips family therapists to help clients see the barriers they place in the way of healthy communication, and adopt more constructive alternatives
Provides activities designed to spark open dialogue between therapist and clients, strengthening the therapeutic relationship and facilitating family interaction
Includes communication strategies for reversing disengagement, defusing power struggles, overcoming sibling rivalry, disentangling marital problems and more
Offers a new understanding of family dynamics, an area in which many family therapists want to improve their skills but have struggled to find a text to guide them in doing so


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