Magazine (French journal – a diary, day note from Fr. Jour – day, night) – periodicals.

According to the “Publications” “periodical magazines, which have a uniform category structure and containing articles or essays on various socio-political, scientific, industrial and other matters and literary works”

Like the newspaper, the magazine is one of the major media and propaganda to influence public opinion, shaping it in accordance with the interests of certain ideological groups, social classes, political parties and organizations. With the advent of desktop publishing technology and the proliferation of commercial printers with the possibility of full-color printing in Russia in the late XX – beginning of XXI century, magazines have become a major vehicle for advertising goods “premium” and “Luxury”. Usually addressed to a well-defined group of readers and are either world and nation-wide publications, advertisements or catalogs.

The Internet magazines began to appear on the network. First, on the sites began to lay out the archives of publications, later began to appear online journals. They did not come out in print, but existed only in the vast world of the Internet. Now some of them have an audience of several times more than similar publications.

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