Drupal 7 By David Mercer
2010 | 416 Pages | ISBN: 1849512868 | PDF | 12 MB


  • A comprehensive beginner’s guide to installing, configuring, and building a professional website 
  • Set up, configure, and deploy a Drupal 7 website 
  • Easily add exciting and powerful features 
  • Design and implement your website’s look and feel 
  • Promote, manage, and maintain your live website 
  • In-depth coverage of Drupal’s new core features, including image handling and fields 
  • Extended media coverage 
  • Completely new coverage on Views 
  • Improved and updated coverage on themes and theming 
  • Over 150 online quiz questions and exercises included 
  • Revised and updated for Drupal 7 based on comments from thousands of readers 

In Detail
Drupal is an elegantly designed, well-supported and flexible open-source CMS platform that anyone can use in order to create their own website. What’s more, the latest version of Drupal 7 includes a tremendous number of new features and new under-the-hood improvements for both users and developers. Drupal is a hugely popular and widely celebrated open-source Content Management System that is day-by-day becoming the first choice of people for a wide range of websites. The White house and the British government, to name but a few, turn to Drupal to fulfill their online requirements. 
This book provides the best way to learn and master Drupal 7, enabling you to create virtually any type of website. It meets the booming demand for well presented, clear, concise, and above all practical information on how to design and build sites like a pro. 
With such a powerful tool at your fingertips there is no longer any need to pay professionals to design a site when you can do the same job yourself absolutely free. All it takes is a bit of practice! 


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