H.A. Mavromatis – Exercises in Quantum Mechanics: A Collection of Illustrative Problems and Their Solutions (2nd edition)
Published: 2013 (1992 edition) | ISBN: 9401051720 | PDF | 335 pages | 9 MB


This second edition of Exercises in Quantum Mechanics has been much revised, updated and enlarged in order to cater more comprehensively for the growing need of students of quantum mechanics to have a better insight and grasp of this fascinating but mathematically convoluted branch of physics. The number of illustrative problems solved has been increased from 114 to 228, and new exercises have been added to each of the chapters. 
The problems discussed have been carefully chosen so as to involve a minimum of technical complexity whilst emphasising the consequences of the quantum-mechanical formalism. 
Various chapters have been extended significantly and three new chapters are included to make this volume more complete and sophisticated in its coverage of elementary quantum mechanics, principally by including material dealing with angular momentum coupling and tensor algebra. The presentation of the material has also been made much more attractive. 
This revised edition will be especially useful to advanced undergraduate and graduate students of quantum mechanics and to all teachers of this subject.


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