Food, Science and Society: Exploring the Gap Between Expert Advice and Individual Behaviour By P.S. Belton, T. Belton, T. Beta, D. Burke, L. Frewer, A. Murcott, J. Reilly, G.M. Seddon, Teresa Belton
2003 | 181 Pages | ISBN: 3642078400 | PDF | 4 MB


There is widespread concern amongst consumers about the safety and acceptability of food, and there are clearly communication gaps between consumers, many food professionals and food industry. This book offers accounts of the two-way nature of this difficult communication process and steps that can be made to bridge these communication gaps in a variety of social and cultural environments. Individual chapters of the book analyze the roles of science, culture, and risk perception, and of mass media and attitudes towards eating. An additional section describes the interface between scientists and lay people with regard to policy-making and agricultural practice.

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