Frank P. Incropera, David P. DeWitt, “Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, 6th edition”
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0471457280 | 1024 pages | DJVU | 12,4 MB


This bestselling book in the field 0471457280 a complete introduction to the physical origins of heat and mass transfer. Noted for its crystal clear presentation and easy-to-follow problem solving methodology, Incropera and Dewitt’s systematic approach to the first law develops reader confidence in using this essential tool for thermal analysis. 
Readers will learn the meaning of the terminology and physical principles of heat transfer as well as how to use requisite inputs for computing heat transfer rates and/or material temperatures.

From the Back Cover
The standard for mastering heat and mass transfer

Respected for its readability, comprehensiveness, and relevance, Incropera and DeWitt’s text is the recognized standard for learning heat and mass transfer. This text combines detailed coverage with the resources students need to learn the concepts and apply them to solving realistic and relevant problems. Using a rigorous and systematic problem-solving methodology, the text is filled with examples and problems that reveal the richness and beauty of the discipline.

The 6th Edition introduces coauthors Ted Bergman and Adrienne Lavine, who bring their record of success in teaching and research in heat and mass transfer to the text.

New Features
Expanded coverage of areas of recent interest in heat transfer, including fuel cells and alternative energy devices, electronics cooling, micro-scale heat transfer, and biological as well as bioheat transfer. New examples and homework problems are included for each area.
Introduction to the concepts of nano-scale transport and unified treatment of transient conduction.
New material on two-phase heat transfer and enhanced internal forced convection.
New and revised presentation of mass transfer including applications in materials science and biological engineering.
New, revised, and updated problems and examples.


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