National Research Council, “Geoscience Data and Collections: National Resources in Peril”
English | 2002-09-20 | ISBN: 0309083419 | 124 pages | PDF | 7.7 mb


Geoscience data and collections (such as rock and sediment cores, geophysical data, engineering records, and fossils) are necessary for industries to discover and develop domestic natural resources to fulfill the nation’s energy and mineral requirements and to improve the prediction of immediate and long term hazards, such as land slides, volcanic eruptions, and global climate change. 

While the nation has assembled a wealth of geoscience data and collections, their utility remains incompletely tapped. Many could act as invaluable resources in the future but immediate action is needed if they are to remain available. Housing of and access to geoscience data and collections have become critical issues for industry, federal and state agencies, museums, and universities. Many resources are in imminent danger of being lost through mismanagement, neglect, or disposal. A striking 46 percent of the state geological surveys polled by the committee reported that there is no space available or they have refused to accept new material. In order to address these challenges, “Geoscience Data and Collections offers a comprehensive strategy for managing geoscience data and collections in the United States.


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