Tom Fawthrop, Helen Jarvis – Getting Away With Genocide: Cambodia’s Long Struggle Against the Khmer Rouge
Published: 2004-10-12 | ISBN: 0745320287, 0745320279 | PDF | 350 pages | 3 MB


This book covers the history of Cambodia since 1979 and the various attempts by the US and China to stop the Cambodian people from bringing the Khmer Rouge to justice. After Vietnam ousted the hated Khmer Rouge regime, much of the evidence needed for a full-scale tribunal became available. In 1979 the US and UK governments, rather than working for human rights justice and setting up a special tribunal, opted instead to back the Khmer Rouge at the UN, and approved the re-supply of Pol Pot’s army in Thailand. Tom Fawthrop and Helen Jarvis reveal why it took 18 years for the UN to recognise the mass murder and crimes against humanity that took place under the Killing Fields regime from 1975-78. They explore in detail the role of the UN and the various countries involved, and they assess what chance still remains of holding a Cambodian trial under international law – especially in the light of the recent development of International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia.


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