Sergey P. Kuznetsov – Hyperbolic Chaos: A Physicist’s View
Published: 2012-03-28 | ISBN: 3642236650, 7040319640 | PDF | 336 pages | 5 MB


“Hyperbolic Chaos: A Physicist’s View” presents recent progress on uniformly hyperbolic attractors in dynamical systems from a physical rather than mathematical perspective (e.g. the Plykin attractor, the Smale – Williams solenoid). The structurally stable attractors manifest strong stochastic properties, but are insensitive to variation of functions and parameters in the dynamical systems. Based on these characteristics of hyperbolic chaos, this monograph shows how to find hyperbolic chaotic attractors in physical systems and how to design a physical systems that possess hyperbolic chaos. This book is designed as a reference work for university professors and researchers in the fields of physics, mechanics, and engineering. Dr. Sergey P. Kuznetsov is a professor at the Department of Nonlinear Processes, Saratov State University, Russia. 


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