Julie A. Mucha-Aydlott – I Have QuickBooks, Now What?: For the Self-Employed
Published: 2005-10-15 | ISBN: 0974609358, 0979412404 | PDF | 342 pages | 14 MB


There are many QuickBooks instruction guides out in circulation, but there is only one that answers the questions for the under-educated entrepreneur. Most instruction guides are made to explain QuickBooks in a way that expects the reader to have knowledge in accounting and to understand their language. The other 70% of the U.S. small businesses dont understand the translation but still needs someone to show them in a simplistic way. They seem to be left behind. I Have QuickBooks, Now What?” is the only book that takes you from point A to point B, translating the language barrier in Laymen Terms for the blue collar self employed business owner. Most small business owners focus more on their service or product and dont know what a debit or credit is, and more importantly, they dont know what to enter into QuickBooks to set it up. This book answers that exact question, Now What? What documents do I need to set up my accounting, what do the reports mean, why is it so important to have a budget, and how do I get one? “I have QuickBooks, Now What?” was not written for the Harvard Graduate or the Executive, it was written for the small businesses who could relate to Joe Standard without feeling like an idiot in the process. Over 340 pages of basic bookkeeping instruction with templates and explanations. It is compatible with QuickBooks 2001 to the most current version. In 2006, QuickBooks has added new features and templates however the basic fundamentals as well as the menu bar remain the same. “I have QuickBooks, Now What” includes a very important CD that has an Excel or Works compatible Personal Budget, Business Budget, and Business Cash Flow Projection. Throw in the Authors sense of humor and a little bit of sarcasm, and you wont be board with this informative book.


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