“Inflammatory Diseases: A Modern Perspective” ed. by Amit Nagal
InTeOpP | 2011 | ISBN: 9533074443 9789533074443 | 249 pages | PDF | 8 MB


This book represents an extended and thoroughly revised collection of papers on inflammation. This book explores a wide range of topics relevant to inflammation and inflammatory diseases while its main objective is to help in understanding the molecular mechanism and a concrete review of inflammation. 

One of the interesting things about this book is its diversity in topics which include pharmacology, medicine, rational drug design, microbiology and biochemistry. 
Each topic focuses on inflammation and its related disease thus giving a unique platform which integrates all the useful information regarding inflammation.

Part 1 Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor
1 Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor, an Alternative Therapeutic Option for Inflammatory Disorders
Part 2 Design of hn-SPLA2 Inhibitors: A Structure Based Molecule Design Approach
2 Design of Human Non – Pancreatic Secretary Pospho lipase A2(hnps-PLA2) Inhibitors: A Structure Based Molecule Design Approach
Part 3 Bachcet’s Disease
3 Th17 Trafficking Cells in Behcet’s Disease Skin Lesions
Part 4 Activate Protein C Role in Inflammatory Disease
4 Anti-Inflammatory Actions of the Anticoagulant, Activated Protein C
Part 5 Role of TrkA Receptor in Inflammation
5 Expression and Role of the TrkA Receptor in Pulmonary Inflammatory Diseases
Part 6 The Value of the Cytokinome Profile
6 The Value of the Cytokinome Profile
Part 7 Pancreatic Cancer
7 Periodontal Inflammation as Risk Factor for Pancreatic Diseases
Part 8 Role of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Inflammatory Disease
8 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Inflammatory Diseases
Part 9 Non invasive Inflammatory Bio markers
9 A New Era for Assessing Airway Diseases: New Insights in the Asthma Paradigm
Part 10 Role of AC0T7
10 Role of ACOT7 in Arachidonic Acid Production and Inflammation
Part 11 Inflammatory Bowel Disease
11 The Effects of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid- Rich Salmon on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases


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