“Mechanical and Electromagnetic Vibrations and Waves” by Tamer Bécherrawy 
ISTE / John Wiley & Sons | 2012 | ISBN: 1848212836 9781848212831 9781118586563 9781118586549 | 403 pages | PDF | 5 MB


Dealing with vibrations and waves, this text aims to provide understanding of the basic principles and methods of analysing various physical phenomena. 

The content includes the general properties of propagation, a detailed study of mechanical (elastic and acoustic) and electromagnetic waves, propagation, attenuation, dispersion, reflection, interference and diffraction of waves. 
It features chapters on the effect of motion of sources and observers (both classical and relativistic), emission of electromagnetic waves, standing and guided waves and a final chapter on de Broglie waves constitutes an introduction to quantum mechanics

Brief Contents
1 Free Oscillations
2 Superposition of Harmonic Oscillations, Fourier Analysis
3 Forced Oscillations
4 Propagation in Infinite Media
5 Mechanical Waves
6 Electromagnetic Waves
7 Reflection and Refraction of Waves
8 Interference and Diffraction
9 Standing Waves and Guided Waves
Answers to the Problems
A: Mathematical Review
B: Units in Physics
C: Some Physical Constants
Further Reading


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