Michael Freeman, Jeff Wignall, “Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Exposure”¬†
English | ISBN: 1908150270 | 2012 | PDF | 160 pages | 35 MB


A thorough understanding of exposure is the foundation of every photographers education, and this title introduces these key concepts in a comprehensive, incisive and interactive format. Casting aside the Auto mode, readers will learn to take creative control of their photographs as they master the essential elements of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, how these variables interact with each other, and what techniques can be used to harness their power. Whilst free to move through the course at their own pace, readers will be challenged to demonstrate their proficiency along the way, applying what theyve learned to specific shooting scenarios, and learning from the critical feedback provided to other students. By the end of the book, the nuances of exposure control will be second nature, and readers will be ready to encounter almost any conceivable shooting situation with the optimal approach for the best images.


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