Xiaohua Lu, ‎Ying Hu – Molecular Thermodynamics of Complex Systems
Published: 2008-11-06 | ISBN: 3540691146 | PDF | 274 pages | 6 MB


In Molecular Thermodynamics of Complex Systems, the chapter authors critically examine not only the current state of the art in chemical research into structure and bonding, but also look at the direction the subject might take as it develops in future years.
With the development of science and technology,more and more complex materials such as porous materials, ion liquid, liquid crystals, thin films and colloids etc. are being developed in laboratories. However, it is difficult to prepare these advanced materials and use them on a large scale without some experience. Therefore, molecular thermodynamics, a method that laid emphasis on correlating and interpreting the thermodynamic properties of a variety of fluids in the past, has been recently employed to study the equilibrium properties of complex materials and establish thermodynamic models to analyse the evolution process of their components, microstructures and functions during the preparation process. In this volume, some important progress in this field, from fundamental aspects to practical applications, is reviewed.


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