“More Issues at Hand: Critical Studies in Contemporary Science Fiction” by James Blish (as William Atheling, Jr.)
Advent Publishers | 1971 | ISBN: 0911682104 9780911682106 | 158 pages | PDF | 42 MB


This book is attractive for an incisive, cutting analysis and criticism of contemporary science fiction of 1960’s.

Introduction: Criticism-Who Needs It?
I. Science Fiction As A Movement: A Tattoo for Needles [1965-66]
II. New Maps And Old Saws: The Critical Literature [1965]
III. Things Still To Come: Gadgetry and Prediction [1964]
IV. First Person Singular: Heinlein. Son of Heinlein [1957]
V. Death And The Beloved: Algis Budrys and the Great Theme [1961]
VI. Caviar And Kisses: The Many Loves of Theodore Sturgeon [1961]
VII. Exit Euphues: The Monstrosities of Merritt [1957]
VIII. Scattershot: Practice Makes Perfect-But It Can Also Cut Your Throat [1957]
IX. Science-Fantasy And Translations: Two More Cans of Worms [1960, 1963]
X. Making Waves: The Good, the Bad. the Indifferent [1970]



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