Svetlozar T. Rachev, Markus Hoechstoetter, Frank J. Fabozzi CFA, Sergio M. Focardi, “Probability and Statistics for Finance”
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0470400935 | 654 pages | mobi | 8 MB


In order to remain competitive in the intensely quantitative field of finance, you need a firm understanding of the foundations of finance: probability and statistics. Expert authors Svetlozar (Zari) Rachev, Markus Höchstötter, Frank Fabozzi, and Sergio Focardi have written Probability and Statistics for Finance for that reason.

Engaging and informative, this reliable guide not only covers introductory material on probability and statistics for students and practitioners, but also provides unique coverage of specific topics that are of special interest to finance professionals, researchers, and academics.

Divided into four comprehensive parts, Probability and Statistics for Finance:

Discusses descriptive statistics: the different methods for gathering data and presenting them in the most succinct way

Covers the basics of probability theory as well as the different types of probability distributions, parameters of a probability distribution, joint and conditional probability distributions, continuous probability distributions dealing with extreme events, and dependence measures for two random variables beyond the correlation measure such as the copula function

Explores statistical inference: the method of drawing information from sample data about unknown parameters of the population from which the sample was drawn

Provides in-depth coverage of the most widely used statistical tools in finance—multivarate regression analysis—from the basics to building models

To provide readers with a complete understanding of the various topics touched upon throughout, the book includes appendices that cover the fundamentals of functions and their features, matrix operations, and binomial and multinomial coefficients.

Written for both financial professionals and individuals aspiring to enter this field, Probability and Statistics for Finance addresses an array of important issues—from applying probability to portfolio management, asset pricing, risk management, and credit risk modeling to probability distributions that deal with extreme events and statistical measures. With this book, discover how probability and statistics can help you effectively navigate even the most complex financial terrain.


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