Michael Awai, Matthew Bortniker, John Carnell, Kelly Cox, “Professional Oracle 8i Application Programming with Java, PL/SQL and XML” 
2000 | pages: 1144 | ISBN: 1861004842 | PDF | 11,9 mb


Oracle Corporation has broadened its development platform, integrating open standards such as Java and XML into the heart of the Oracle 8i database. This extended programming environment continues to exploit the qualities of scalability, reliability and efficiency of the world’s most successful data management software, but at the same time it provides new challenges and opportunities to programmers.
This book shows you how to develop enterprise PL/SQL applications exploiting Java and XML, and how technologies such as EJBs can be moved to the 8i database. You’ll work through case studies using a mix of both familiar and unfamiliar tools and languages, showing you how the various programming approaches can enhance each other.


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