Carri Hammett – Ready, Set, Knit Cables: Learn to Cable with 20 Designs and 10 Projects
Published: 2007-08-01 | ISBN: 1589232933 | PDF | 96 pages | 17 MB


Ready, Set, Knit Cables gives the many new knitters all the basics and beyond plus hip projects, in a cool stand-up format.
Knitted cables are intriguing patterns of stitches that crisscross, twist, and braid their way up through the knitted fabric. Their texture and depth have a magical allure that draws knitters to want to learn how to knit them. Though surprisingly easy to master, cabling is an intermediate level skill that opens up a vast realm of possibilities for knitters-a boon for the knitter as well as the yarn shop owner.
Ready, Set, Knit Cables teaches a variety of cable patterns and techniques in an easy to follow format that ensures success for beginners and intermediates alike. Twenty different cable patterns are presented in step-by-step instructions with photographs. Knitters will learn how to read charted cable patterns as well as directions that are written out row by row with abbreviations. Ten complete projects are included to give knitters interesting and unique ways to show off their new cable skills.
Other cable knit titles (listed below) are designer driven, high end books that are priced much higher than Ready, Set, Knit Cables. In a flip through the pages, they seem intimidating and overwhelming. In welcome contrast, Ready, Set, Knit Cables is presented in a unique format that allows the book to be propped up at eye level while learning. The appearance is crisp and uncomplicated, engaging the reader from the first glance.


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