Richard Sakwa, “Russian Politics and Society” 
2008 | pages: 606 | ISBN: 0415415276 | PDF | 5,1 mb


Having been fully revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in Russia over the last decade, the fourth edition of this classic text builds on the strengths of the previous editions to provide a comprehensive and sophisticated analysis on Russian politics and society. New to this edition:

extended coverage of electoral laws, party development and regional politics
new chapter on the ‘phoney democracy’ period, 1991-93
historical evaluation of Yeltsin’s leadership
full coverage of Putin’s presidency
discussion of the development of civil society and the problems of democratic consolidation
latest developments in the Chechnya conflict
more on foreign policy issues
the re-introduction of the Russian Constitution as an appendix
an updated Select Bibliography
more focus on the challenges facing Russia in the twenty-first century.
Written in an accessible and lively style, this book is packed with detailed information on the central debates and issues in Russia’s difficult transformation. This makes it the best available textbook on the subject and is essential reading for all those concerned with the fate of Russia, and with the future of international society.


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