Dennis Roddy, “Satellite Communications” 
2002 | pages: 586 | ISBN: 0071371761 | PDF | 5,8 mb


THE DEFINITIVE REFERENCE ON SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS Satellite Communications, Third Edition is the latest update of the reference widely regarded as the most complete and accessible intro to this dynamic area of engineering. This edition has been revised to include the hottest applications in a rapidly growing field with expanded coverage of CDMA…new Internet via satellite and digital TV broadcasting chapters…an expanded section on geostationary orbits…error correction coding…and a preview of coming applications and growth. Author Dennis Roddy’s authoritative and readable treatment provides you with:

Full descriptions of hardware, including satellite structures, antennas, earth stations, and onboard systems 
Cutting-edge applications such as wireless Internet, telephony, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and worldwide broadcasts of digital TV 
New information on ATM, TCP/IP, and LEO networking over satellites, mobile systems, and onboard switching 
Details on methods, orbits, links, access, signals, modulation, and interference 
All examples and problems worked in MathCad, with mathematical complexities pared to a minimum


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