Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society 
Committee on a Decadal Strategy for Solar and Space Physics (Heliophysics); Space Studies Board; Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board; Division of Earth and Physical Sciences; National Research Council 
NAS Press | 2013 | ISBN: 0309164281 9780309164283 | 467 pages | PDF | 50 MB

This report presents a program of basic and applied research for the period 2013-2022 that will improve scientific understanding of the mechanisms that drive the Sun’s activity and the fundamental physical processes underlying near-Earth plasma dynamics, determine the physical interactions of Earth’s atmospheric layers in the context of the connected Sun-Earth system, and enhance greatly the capability to provide realistic and specific forecasts of Earth’s space environment that will better serve the needs of society.

Brief Contents
Acknowledgment of Members of the Decadal Survey Working Groups
Acknowledgment of Reviewers
Part I: Report from the Decadal Survey Committee
1 Enabling Discovery in Solar and Space Physics
2 Solar and Space Physics: Recent Discoveries, Future Frontiers
3 Addressing Societal Needs
4 Recommendations
5 NSF Program Implementation
6 NASA Program Implementation
7 Space Weather and Space Climatology: A Vision for Future Capabilities
Part II: Reports to the Survey Committee from the Discipline Panels
8 Report of the Panel on Atmosphere-lonosphere-Magnetosphere Interactions
9 Report of the Panel on Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interactions
10 Report of the Panel on Solar and Heliospheric Physics
Appendix A: Statement of Task and Work Plan
Appendix B: Instrumentation. Data Systems, and Technology
Appendix C: Toward a Diversified. Distributed Sensor Deployment Strategy
Appendix D: Education and Workforce Issues in Solar and Space Physics
Appendix E: Mission Development and Assessment Process
Appendix F: Committee. Panels, and Staff Biographical Information
Appendix G: Acronyms
Appendix H: Request for Information from the Community
Appendix I: List of Responses to Request for Information


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