Tomas Kold Erlandsen, “The Castberggaard Syndrome” 
2013 | ASIN: B00EPZ9UK2 | 67 pages | PDF | 7,8 MB


The controversial photographer Tomas Kold Erlandsen elicited reactions from a lot of people for his provokating photos in Deafhood/Audism by Patrik Nordell. He has now written his own book, the Castberggaard Syndrome, which is very controversial as well. The Castberggaard Syndrome is a notion that he invented during a course at Castberggaard, a course center for the deaf in Jylland, Denmark. Thereof the name the Castberggaard syndrome.

In this book, Tomas explains how he invented the notion and what the syndrome refers to. He says the Castberggaard syndrome is a consequence of audism. In addition to explaining the background of the syndrome, Tomas also gives his picture of the syndrome in artistic and controversial photos that he has made for this book.

So, what is the Castberggaard Syndrome? You will learn that by reading this book.


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