Charlie Francis – The Charlie Francis Training System
Published: 1992 | ISBN: 1895505003 | PDF | 218 pages | 10 MB


This book is written in a question and answer format with the Intent of leaving the full communication of Charlie Francis intact. There has been little or no attempt to translute Cliarlie’s statements Into “academese” as this would serve only to distance the information from the sport art lonn which has generated It. Many listeners underestimate the simplicity with which Charlie speak* — He speaks ‘common sense.’ Many coaches have come to expect apparently complex and scientific-sounding advice, and tend to reject the simplicity of wisdom. Learning from this book or from any other source for tliat matter is no different. You can choose to Icam only with your eye* and your ears, but at some point you must Icam with your body as well, or full understanding/knowing may never come. When Charlie Francis speaks – you know you are hearing from someone who has “been there.”


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