Phillip Mountrose, ‎Jane Mountrose – The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond: A Soulful Exploration of the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Healing
Published: 2006-02-28 | ISBN: 0970028962 | PDF | 295 pages | 3 MB


EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been called a modern miracle. By simply tapping on a series of points on the body, you can use these techniques to clear stuck emotions and other self-defeating patterns, producing profound breakthroughs. As thousands of enthusiastic users have discovered, EFT is easy to learn, works quickly, and can be used on virtually any issue. Building on the Mountroses’ popular paperbacks “Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT” and “Getting Thru to Your Soul,” this new volume makes EFT even easier and more effective. “The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond” contains dozens of proven strategies for creating the life you truly desire. Besides the Mountroses many insights and holistic techniques, included is a 50-page section with tips from 11 leading EFT Experts from the rapidly growing energy psychology field. As people experience EFT, most report a profound relief from stress-producing emotions like fear, anger, frustration and sadness. It is very effective for eliminating addictions and unwanted cravings, as well as other difficulties such as phobias, insomnia, pain and self-esteem issues. We have a kind of emotional wiring programmed into us from past experiences. This easy-to-read book shows you how to make EFT even more usable, along with how it can be complemented with other holistic healing approaches. The book is also unique because it demystifies and provides access to many routines that can be used for self-help. Putting the ability to effect change directly into the reader’s hands, “The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond” is a concise reference for anyone interested in the healing arts and fulfilling their full potential. Here are highlights in this multi-purpose reference book and concise guide: • Dozens of practical and transformational tips and strategies for EFT. You can put these into practice immediately, as well as be able to refer to them time and time again. • A pragmatic and spiritual approach to healing that addresses the body-mind-spirit. • The Magic Question that can quickly provide clarity when the tapping sequences are not working. • How to use Kinesiology (muscle testing) to pinpoint any issue. Recognize sabotaging beliefs that psychologically reverse you. • 18 quick-reference charts and diagrams to make EFT and muscle testing easier and more understandable. • How to center yourself to increase healing and live life more fully. • The Holistic Process, a Mountrose Getting Thru Technique (GTT), which elegantly finds the deeper issues that EFT can then clear. • How to treat being “switched,” an energy imbalance that can create a tremendous barrier to healing. Included is information and charts on how to overcome fears of success and fears of getting well. • Knowing your chief defense pattern; application of this knowledge alone can transform and uplift your entire life. • Dealing with energy toxins, which can be behind any symptom or problem. • Three positive installations to greatly enhance EFT. Also find out a technique to create a dynamic future. • An in-depth analysis of the common missing ingredient in healing: forgiveness. Learn the exact misconceptions that hold people back. In addition to using EFT to forgive, included is a powerful easy-to-use forgiveness technique. • Dozens of transformational tips and insights on different key subjects from 11 leading EFT experts, and much more… A concise guide and reference for anyone interested in the healing arts and realizing their full potential.


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