Michael August Reveley, ‎J. F. William Deakin – The Psychopharmacology of Schizophrenia
Published: 2000-03-15 | ISBN: 0340759127 | PDF | 269 pages | 17 MB


This unique and timely book examines the basic and clinical sciences relevant to schizophrenia and relates them to current treatment strategies.
Through describing current thinking on the aetiology and pathophysiology of schizophrenia as relevant to the psychopharmacology of the disorder, the reader gains a fuller understanding of the rationale for psychopharmacological approaches to treatment.
Neuroimaging and neuropsychology are covered in detail as well as further chapters on clinical strategies for treatment of schizophrenia with both conventional and atypical antipsychotic treatments. Practical advice on the management of schizophrenia in the community is also given.
Bringing together new developments and advances in the field, while discussing important issues relevant to the long-term treatment necessary for this disorder, the result is an essential book for psychiatrists and psychopharmacologists at all levels.


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