James Dunne, “The Voyage of Mariner 10. Mission to Venus and Mercury”¬†
English | 1978 | ASIN: B000C19QHA | PDF | 169 pages | 12 mb


THE MISSION OF MARINER 10 was unique in several ways. It was the first American spacecraft to take photographs of Venus. It was the first to use the gravity and motion of one planet to alter the flight path of a spacecraft and send it to another planet. It was the first to explore the planet Mercury, which was previously but a hazy image in the best Earth-based telescope pictures. The success of Mariner 10 in attaining&emdash; and exceeding&emdash;its goals is attributable to the dedicated effort of the relatively small but exceedingly competent and highly motivated group of men and women from universities, industry, and government who made up the Mariner Venus/ Mercury 1973 project team.


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